What is the JBA White Label?

JBA can help your organisation achieve your goals in recruitment, deeper learning, development and career progression by utilising our white label platform.

Team Recruitment

We’ve created an interactive platform that delivers you quality candidates faster. Why? We want to save you valuable time and money by offering a pool of qualified and excited applicants for your role. Our streamlined process allows you to view the suitability of candidates, watch their video pitches and get to know your future employees before you even meet them.

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Enterprise Solution

Create a customised version of the JBA platform to fit your company. Gain a better understanding of your talent and provide your team visibility of internal career opportunities. Keep track of your team’s progression as they complete online courses and upskill themselves. Whether used as an internal or external technology platform, the Enterprise Solution is a great tool to ensure your team are prepared for the future workforce and to ensure you can maximise the growth of your business.

Upskill your Team

Bring your team up to speed by strengthening their skills and abilities. Amplify productivity in your employees through upskilling: keep your team relevant to today’s demands and get one step ahead of the competition. With JBA’s comprehensive range of relevant online courses within arms reach, why would you not?

Personalised Courses

Develop a range of highly effective, intuitive courses and tailor employee training to your pressing needs. Whether you want to bring your team into the 21st century or create new, customised learning, JBA has your every need covered. Our team of learning and development specialists are constantly working to ensure your team stay focused and engaged while they upskill.

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